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Since the inception of CONNECT, 2u2 Web Technologies, we have been working on establishing a wide support services for all our valued clients. But now it's the time to bring it all on a completely higher level.

All our valued clients as well as third party clients are eligible to all out support services which will be integrated via CONNECT SUPPORT and INDEED.IS services.

The first thing you can notice while viewing our dedicated sites is the little message block below. In the lower right corner each visitor can open up a SUPPORT BUBBLE and drop us an immediate or postponed support request. Postponed support requests are available to everyone, even when we are not there to respond immediately, and are channeled to the right support agent.

Additionally, we are opening our support on all levels, including IT support, Cloud services. Hosting services, Web development, Design and Branding, Advertising, Social media, Third party integrations, Coding and more. Just drop us a message or say hello!

Additionally, if you'd like to open a new project request, please head to CONNECT SUPPORT STARTUPS

More services and our new integration platforms will be announced shortly. Keep adjurned :)

Thursday, July 23, 2020

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