• Wednesday, 1st February, 2017
  • 13:59pm

We’ve worked eloquently to add the G Suite to the range of our Hosting Plans. So now, since the of January 2017, the Google G+ Suite for Business is available for all customers in Western countries, India, Southeast Asia and Egypt.

We're happy to announce that not only we became the best provider for Google G+ Suite with professional Email (Gmail with your Domain name), Communication (Gmail, Notes, Calendar Apps), Collaboration (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Draw & Apps) but we have upgraded these to G+ Suite Professional Plans, combined with Starter (in preparation) and Ultimate Website Launchers (released).

Start your online business with Google G+ Suites' Professional Email, Collaboration & Communication Platform with G+ Website Launcher added on top. Google G+ Suite Ultimate Launcher combines the thinnest of our excellent hosting plans with a high resource allocation, recommended for small to medium online business, including swift setup process and effortless hosting management. If your interests are diversified, please take a look at all our services and choose the ones you find best, then Contact us to allocate you resources of your choice.

Why not having all in one?! You deserve it. Your business needs it. Give your online business a boost ahead or refresh the existing approach you might be having.

Read more about The Google Suite for Business HERE >

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