Exciting Times ~ Retiring old plans, bringing new, powerful platforms

  • Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018
  • 18:16pm
From May 2018 we will be retiring some of the existing Starter and Business Plans as we are bringing in new, more powerful platforms, and new plans to replace existing ones.
New plans will include from 100% CPU with 1GB RAM to 400%CPU and 8GB RAM performance optimised resources per individial hosting plan. All plans are run from optimised SSD drives from 500MB to 25GB in size. New plan pricing may vary from the lowest to the highest, but plans replacing existing plans will keep the yearly pricing at the same level with bonus resources added to each individual plan.
While adding new plans and replacing old plans, all current users on the CONNECT system will be notified when the plan changes will occur on their current plans. No downtime should occur while transiting to new plans. All current users will be notified about the plan transitions before the end of their current plan period, either monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
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