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To add an image into your Email or Gmail Signature you need it to be hosted, either on a web server or – using this tip – on a Google Drive account.

Google Drive is a great place to store important company images, one of which should be your company logo. This tip shows you how you can then add your logo – or any other image – to your signature. In early Jan 2015 Google made it easier to add images to Email / Gmail signatures on the web by enabling the option to choose and display images from Google Drive.

Images can be added in Gmail Settings > General. In the ‘Signature’ section, click the ‘Insert image’ icon above the signature text box and add your image from Drive.

Foremost: How to begin? *

1. In order for this feature to be visible in Gmail, admins will need to enable external sharing of Drive files in Admin console: Drive > Sharing settings > Sharing options.

2. Switch to your Google Drive, right-click at your chosen Email Signatures Folder (where you store signature images) and choose 'Share'. Pop-up window will appear, click 'Advanced' and then 'Change..' - Choose 'Public on the web' from 'Link Sharing' options and make sure 'Access' field stays at: Anyone (no sign-in required) - Can View

3. Switch to your Gmail Account and open the Gmail Settings panel > General Settings, and scroll down to the 'Signature' section. Click in the Signature editor and click on 'Insert Image'. A pop-up window will appear with options to add an image from 'Google Drive' files, 'Upload' or Web Address (URL). Browse through your Google Drive files and select your preferred image. Click 'Select' button, wait a second and Voila! - your image is in the Signature field. Edit the rest of your Email Signature field and click 'Save' at the end.

* If you need more information on how to access your Google Admin Account don't forget to Ask!

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