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If you create an email forwarder that forwards email to, and create a POP email account of the same name – let’s call this – then you’ll receive 2 emails. 1 will be at, and 1 will be at This isn’t ideal though, because sometimes you’ll need a POP account to reply mails with, and so you can’t just use a pure forwarder. Some email service providers such as Gmail has a “forward and delete” functionality, and this is a behavior we can replicate. However, we can’t use the normal email forwarders. For this, we’ll need the account-level filtering function.

Go to account-level filtering in Hosting Dashboard, and then create a new filter. In the “Rules” section”, choose “Any header”, and put in your email address (e.g. Now for the “Actions” section, choose “Redirect to email”, and put in the email address that you want all these mail to go to (e.g.

Viola! You now have a “forward and delete” behavior for your email.

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