Sustainable Digital Marketing

Grow your business with sustainable digital marketing strategies including: Brand strategy, SEO Consulting, Comprehensive digital strategy and PPC campaign management.

Sustainable Organic SEO Assistant (Entry)

Improve SEO & SERP positions in Google and other Search Engines with our Organic CTR & SEO Assistant. Increase your SERPs when your customers are searching for products or services! From keyword research to link building, content creation and social bookmarking, there are a number of SEO techniques utilised by our smart assistant to generate an organic traffic stream to help drive customers to your domain.

Organic CTR & SEO Assistant (Entry)
Local SEO Strategy / Implementation (if on our SEO plan)
1x Search Engine (Google) Set-Up for Optimisation
Google Integration (Require - Analytics + Console)
Up to 18 URL Smart Optimisation (customer needs to provide a list)
Up to 18 keywords (provided by client)
3 level onboarding (landing page + up to two additional domain links)
External / Back-link building (as an Add-on)
45min Content Moderation Training
Monthly Reports
From 30k guaranteed monthly impressions
Within approx 1200/day hits, 300/day users
Localised SEO by country and city (specified)

Minimum onboarding requirement
At least 6 months subscription for any lasting result.

Require additional pages / products optimisation?
Add-on from $99/mo per additional domain URL (basic)

Require additional back-link assistant integration?
Add-on from $99/per additional account ($99/mo)

Require content creation / management?
Ask us about content management (from min $128/h)

Require complementary traffic targeting?
Ask us about our white-hat Sustainable SEO.

* Existing CONNECT clients enjoy special benefits. Add this plan to your existing account and touch base with us for more details.

Simple Email Delivery Service (SES + SMTP)

Get the most reliable and scalable simple email delivery service to communicate with your customers at the lowest industry prices. Using it you can deliver high-volume email campaigns with the simple email delivery service that sends hundreds of billions of emails per year.

Service includes
Simple Email Delivery Service Setup
Deliverability integration with your Domain name
SMTP Authorisation Setup
HIPAA-eligible and FedRAMP-, GDPR-, and ISO-certified options
Up to 5,000 contacts (email contacts)
29K email delivery allowance per month
DKIM domain authorisation
MX email authorisation
SPF clerance

Registered domain name (register/transfer here)
A chosen email address to use with SEDS service
An existing CRM service package provisioned and ordered with us (recommended)

Use a dedicated IP (from $99)

For our clients
We keep special discount volumes made available for our existing clients that are already hosting web applications, domains or emails with us (if you have a current hosting account with us open a ticket in your account dashboard and, if serious, ask us about this offer)