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Social Media CRM Integrator

Social Media CRM Integrator + 1x Monthly Publishing Campaign + SEO (basic)
Social Media CRM Integrator provides an integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution build on top of your existing MailChimp / Active Campaign or any other CRM software. We build an automated newsletter campaign for your CRM client, that sources from your latest posts from both, your website and your business social media accounts and wraps up the content in custom designed emails to be sent out to your clients on monthly or (by demand) fortnightly basis. Supported social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn ( and others )

Shorten your time to manage repetitive tasks with CRM management, newsletter creation, sharing, posting, cross-linking. 1x Monthly Publishing campaign included + SEO optimisation.

Basic CRM module includes Website or Blog articles and 1 social media account

Basic CRM module doesn't include More than one social media account

Advanced modules include Up to 5 social media accounts (by demand/separate order)

* Additional support may be purchased, if needed, and provided on a hourly basis of min A$99/h
** Module requires a valid Social Media Account from your Business.
*** This is a subscription based service.

Dynamic Workflow API Generator (Google)

G Suite Dynamic Streamline, Workflow, File and Data Generator streamlines your business procedures with the use of the dynamic workflow applications. It provides custom fillable Documents, Print files, Images or Spreadsheets and delivers them into your chosen Drive Folder, via Email or marked via Spreadsheet. Highly customized options are additionally available as add-ons or extensions.

Shorten your time to produce repetitive tasks on file creation, communication and collaboration by 90%. By using our Google's Dynamic File Generation Module the tasks that previously took up to an hour of document and file preparation can be shortened down to 15sec per task. Dynamic File Generator can generate streamlined documents (Doc, PDF), Spreadsheets (Sheet), Presentations (Slide), Social Media and Website Images (JPG, PNG).
Example usage with Document Creator, Personalised Letters, Certification, Social Media Posts, Attractive Testimonials, Emailable Postcards, Event Attendee Confirmations ..

Setup module includes 1 streamlined process in a 3 step and 9 fields form integration.

Setup doesn't include Professional Design Service. Relate to a hourly rates (as below)

* Additional form generator variables may be purchased as an add-on and provided on a hourly basis of min A$48/h.
** Module requires a valid G Suite Account (or a valid external G Suite Service)
*** This is a subscription based service