Client announcement - Happy and prosperous 2023!

  • Friday, 6th January, 2023
  • 06:59am

Happy and prosperous 2023!

Do not forget to visit our SPECIALS, or new offers in DIGITAL MARKETING, including the new, sustainable web development agency THELEMATICS.COM and an unrelentless CLOUD STORAGE WITH NEXTCLOUD more to come!.

Client announcement:

Starting with the 2023 we will be performing the following changes:

  1. Gradually discontinuing our legacy hosting services. It has been a pleasure to provide you with our robust hosting service up until the 2023, but starting with 2023, we will be upgrading the performance, reliability and overall availability of our services. That means that you, as our valued client, will be benefiting greatly by employing our new robust environments, if you are on applicable tiers, while the old, and legacy services, will be gradually phased out. All clients using our legacy services with the accounts provided to you in the recent year will see the changed title to their assigned service. With that, the service structure has changed, as well as pricing. If on our legacy plans, you can expect an email in early 2023 (Feb/Mar) when you will be required to either upgrade, or choose any other available option. Options will be listed in the email. Thank you.
  2. Increasing the prices by min 10% on the old, and by min 33% on all new services. In 2023 we are bound to increase pricing for some essential services with us as due to an overall increases in the costs of living. You will see changed pricing structures on all accounts, and each valuable client will be notified accordingly to upgrade to a new pricing model.
  3. New service announcements: We are very proud to announce that we are bringing even more power to the system, including our excellent digital marketing services, SEO services, SEDS services, NextCloud Collaboration and Private Storage and more. For the last part of the year do expect some great surprises. We will be running well into the new year while increasing our storage capabilities, security, reliability and overal network performance including an overall system upgrade, technically, with design and upgraded technology.
  4. Bringing a new digital agency into existence, namely THELEMATICS.COM (this information is still 'private', but we can announce it for the first time). 

Do not forget to visit our SPECIALS, or new offers in DIGITAL MARKETING, including the new, sustainable web development agency THELEMATICS.COM and an unrelentless CLOUD STORAGE WITH NEXTCLOUD more to come!

Thanks again for bearing with us!

Happy new 2023.

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