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WooCommerce gives you everything you need right out of the box to sell physical and digital goods directly from your website. The WooCommerce, which is Autommatic / WordPress based eCommerce on steroids, also offers a solid shipping layout with the ability to do a lot. However, it doesn’t offer tracking of shipments. That is where a plugin for WooCommerce shipment tracking comes in.

There are several really good plugins that you can add-on and extend WooCommerce. There is weight-based shipping, which provides some great options for shipping prices using weight.

You can even manage your local delivery drivers through WooCommerce. All-in-all, there is just a lot of functionality you have access to when using the plugin and all the extensions you can use.

WooCommerce shipment tracking is something you might want to add to your store to give your customers and yourself a way to track the goods you send. You can accomplish this by writing your own code from scratch. However, today we are going to use a solid plugin that will help you set this up much faster and easier.

Why Add a Shipment Tracker?

Adding a shipment tracker will give both you and your customer peace of mind. With the ability to track a shipment, the customer can see where the package is, how long it will take to get to them, and see if there are any holdups. Having something to view is always ideal.

WooCommerce shipment tracking will also allow your customer to see when exactly the package is arriving. This means they know when to be home so they don’t miss it.

Now, certain shipping plugins will give you specific options. However, with the plugin we are going over today, you have the ability to pick from over 250 shipping providers to track all over the world.

Let’s dive into WooCommerce tracking and look at the plugin we are going to use today.

Advanced Shipment Tracking

Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin

Advanced Shipment Tracking allows you to track shipment out of your store, and easily set up and maintain post shipping workflows. In turn, this will allow you to increase productivity and help you provide customers with a more personalized post-purchase experience.

The plugin is lightweight but extremely powerful. Once installed and activated, it gives you the ability to add tracking information to orders right from the WooCommerce admin area in your WordPress dashboard.

You can fully customize the entire display on tracking emails and customer accounts. You also have the ability to create custom order statuses, import shipping info using the CSV file importer, and so much more.

The plugin comes loaded with features. Some of them include:

  • Add shipment tracking info to orders
  • Bulk upload info from CSV
  • REST API shipment tracking endpoint
  • Streamline post shipping workflows
  • Complete shipping providers list
  • Auto-sync shipping providers list
  • Customize all the tracking info and display
  • Premium add-ons (when needed)

Basically, the plugin gives you everything you need to add WooCommerce shipment tracking to your online store.

Note: There are premium features and a pro version of the plugin available. However, this tutorial is based on the free version. It also has all the tools you need to set up an ePacket tracker

Let’s take a look at how to get the plugin installed and then we will go over setup together.

Note: The following assumes that you already have WooCommerce installed and set up on your website.

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